The Excelsior Plaza creates an inspired setting to showcase your brand, exclusively available when you advertise with POAD at this dynamic space.

    Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, displays have drawn huge crowds at the Plaza. Our clients have successfully hosted a variety of interactive campaigns at this unique advertising area, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, widespread media coverage and optimum exposure. Become the talk of Hong Kong by choosing the Excelsior Plaza as the setting for your eye-catching extravaganza!

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    We devote ourselves to ensuring our creations are extensions of the city itself, incorporating designs into the existing landscape.

    With this aim foremost in our minds, we reinvigorated the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, transforming it into a mesmerising part of the harbour’s scenery. Our eye-catching pier wrap is clearly visible to anyone looking across to the Kowloon Peninsula from Hong Kong Island, as well as almost 60,000 passengers who use the beloved green-and-white boats every day.

    POAD’s visionary workforce has created an iconic design for a legendary setting.

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    Truck advertising offers you the prospect of an irresistible mobile billboard that transports your promotional messages to the city’s most desired advertising destinations. Cost-effective, highly flexible and distinct, its popularity has soared in recent times. At POAD we can customise your desired parade routes, ensuring maximum exposure to your target audience.

    The potential to develop unique interactive showcases aboard POAD’s trucks is a major draw for advertisers. These eye-catching displays, complemented by our audio broadcasts, will be seen and heard by throngs of passers-by throughout Hong Kong, rapidly boosting the profile of your production.

    Discover our complete range of specialties in POAD e-Catalogue