Manulife's symbolic green cubes landed in Causeway Bay

Manulife has recently kicked off its branding campaign entitled "For your future" to present its concept of "It's your life. It's your choice". With OOH display as a core medium of this integrated campaign, Manulife has erected nine one-meter tall rotatable green cubes along Paterson Street in Causeway Bay to enhance Hong Kong people engagement with the brand. In addition, the thematically wrapped Hang Lung Centre landmark at the opposite of the road has further amplified the striking effect to people on-the-go.

Looking for an outstanding campaign? POAD is always ready for you!

At Honest Building – Burberry unveils its New Collections

Burberry seized this golden chance to unveil the new Fall / Winter Collection 2011 at POAD's new, prominent advertising site at Honest Building.

Situated at the busiest traffic junction in Causeway Bay which is close to Times Square, this sticker display on the external wall of Honest Building offers stunning head-on exposure to more than 261,000 vehicles* on Canal Road Flyover and Leighton Road. The site is an excellent choice for luxury brands to capture the attention of professionals, tourists, frequent travellers, and the affluent Southern District and Happy Valley residents.

* Data source from Transport Department – The Annual Traffic Census 2010

K. Wah Real Estate in POAD's extensive Billboard Network

K.Wah Real Estate has cleverly made use of POAD's extensive OOH billboard network to proudly present to the public its latest luxury property – Marinella in Sham Wan, Aberdeen Hong Kong.

K.Wah Real Estate has started off the widespread campaign with the MTR street-level billboards on Charter Road, Central and the giant Sino Plaza billboards in Causeway Bay along the high traffic Gloucester Road to capture the attention of numerous business executives at key business landmarks. The campaign further extends its scope to reach for commuters towards the Southern district via the head-on mega billboard at the exit of the Aberdeen Tunnel.

East Ocean Restaurant's Seasonal Campaign through the City

You cannot miss the very inspiring taxi campaign by East Ocean Restaurant! The giant "Hairy Crab" model and "Hairy Crab Coral Xiao Long Bao" figure were set on taxi tops and shuttled around the city, catching every commuter's attention.

POAD is glad to continue the long term collaboration with East Ocean Group. In the past several autumns, the restaurant has repetitively run taxi campaigns to echo with the seasonal "Hairy Crab" thrill. The outstanding 3D taxi tops have successfully created top-of-mind recall from the public. This year, East Ocean Restaurant has made full use of the advertising medium by inserting its latest menu in the take-one bags at seatback panels. This in-taxi channel has widened the scope of the campaign by offering handy and useful information to the taxi riders.

POAD X Hong Chi Climbathon 2011

The POAD Team spent a meaningful afternoon at the annual fund-raising event organized by Hong Chi Association. This has been the 7th year since 2005 for POAD to be the sponsor of The Hong Chi Climbathon. We are proud to have won "The Best Team Spirit Award" this year and we look forward to our participation and support to the event again next year!