McDonald’s Cross-Harbour Tunnel Domination

McDonald’s recently launched its current Signature Collection Campaign with POAD at Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Seven CHT billboards align to create an impressive domination that enables the fast food giant to reach all commuters travelling to and from Hong Kong Island. Launching a campaign at Hong Kong's busiest tunnel garners citywide attention. Become the talk of the town by collaborating with POAD on a future advertising spectacular.

Stunning Building Wrap at Hong Kong's Heart

POAD is proud to launch a spectacular L-shaped building wrap in Central, the heart of Hong Kong. Overlooking one of the city's busiest pedestrian intersections, this lavish building wrap - covering an area of 723.6 square meters - instantly captivates the attention of huge crowds on both Queen’s Road Central and Pedder Street. This prestigious setting ensures ads create a buzz that spreads throughout Hong Kong. Let POAD uniquely showcase the individual brilliance of your brand's story.