Brand Equity Delivered in Magnificence

MARTELL speaks itself loud with two mega displays to amaze its audience at the busiest areas in town. The impactful display on the external wall of Central Building has seized every chance to capture eyeballs of alcohol lovers who are heading towards their drink and dine paradise.

Another prominent showcase, the full building exterior wall display in sticker-wrap format at Holiday Inn Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, allows for an all-hour exposure to everyone on the busy Nathan Road.

The Power of BMW at the Cross Harbour Tunnel

Our recent collaboration with BMW has empowered its new model of 3 Series – "THE ALL – NEW BMW 3 SERIES". The rare yet wise adoption of domination at the Kowloon entrance of Cross Harbour Tunnel has strategically presented the advance model of the automotive brand, embracing all drivers and commuters with this conspicuous launch.

This domination zone has created incredible impact, reaching over 120,000 vehicles* daily. This capturing advertising environment with 5 prominent billboards undoubtedly assures BMW a striking campaign.

* Data source from Transport Department – The Annual Traffic Census 2010

Unveiling CK Underwear "BOLD" on the Facade of Honest Building

Located at the heart of Causeway Bay district, the latest "Bold" advertising campaign by Calvin Klein Underwear featuring a male model in the latest underwear offerings, the striking advertising imagery for Calvin Klein Underwear is from the latest program – "Bold". The campaign captures the sexy, strong, vibrant appeal of the new men's underwear program.

With its geographic location, the eye-catching imagery on Honest Building can be seen from Canal Road Flyover and Leighton Road, covering over 261,000 vehicles*, particularly traffic capturing shoppers and the affluent residents of the Southern district and Happy Valley.

* Data source from Transport Department – The Annual Traffic Census 2010