POAD always encourages creative advertising executions across our broad range of media. This month, we are thrilled to present a groundbreaking showcase at The Centre tram shelter in Central, featuring Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s first ever 3D top tram shelter campaign in Hong Kong.

The tram shelter is strategically located opposite Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s flagship store. With our commitment to ensuring the delivery of an exquisitely crafted product, the whole development process of this dazzling 3D shelter top took more than half a year. Having gone through several stages - from brainstorming, design and liaising with various parties to production and overcoming plenty of technical challenges - it finally comes to life in mid-August!

Pay a visit to this magnificent tram shelter - inspired by traditional Chinese imperial palace architectural design - before Feb 2017. Explore the unlimited potential of tram shelter advertising and create your brand’s own legend!

Click here to view the making of Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s 3D top tram shelter.