Running Without Boundaries

POAD is delighted to once again partner Hong Kong Tramways to launch Phase 3 of ARTram Shelters in collaboration with the Department of Fine Arts of CUHK. We are stepping up our support to local young artists through a mentorship programme that promotes artistic exchange between more experienced artists and emerging talents.

Under the guidance of Mr. Kurt Chan, art professor at CUHK, featured artists Cindy Chan and Siu Wai Hang created urban-inspired artworks that highlight the social significance of tram shelters over the years. Cindy’s 'The Fragmented Journey' outlines the stretch of reclaimed land along the tram route, while Hang’s panoramic series ‘Inverted Expansion’ comprises inverted and expanded images of districts near tram shelters.

Go see these captivating urban art pieces for yourselves at our tram shelters at Regal Hotel in Causeway Bay and Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai from August 2014 till January 2015!