Promoting the refined British lifestyle with which it is associated, MINI has collaborated with POAD and Pacific Coffee to roll out their latest campaign at 15 strategically selected Pacific Coffee outlets this month.

The coffee chain's flagship store in Causeway Bay - Pacific Coffee Emporium - has been stylishly decorated to exude the exclusivity of various MINI vehicles, including full shopfront and hallway window wraps and a themed pop-up zone. Each coffee sold featured a QR code on its Java Jacket, enabling customers to easily register for a free test drive. Even the Pacific Coffee menu included MINI themed lattes and cakes!

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POAD has launched Hong Kong's first OOH media video directory, enabling you to explore the surroundings of our exclusive advertising sites anytime, anywhere.

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We are pleased to announce another POAD exclusive site on Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay. This highly-prized billboard at COFCO Tower will be completely revamped in May, allowing seamless messaging to east and westbound traffic on Hong Kong Island. Offering outstanding exposure to an affluent audience, we urge you not to miss out on this prime location masterpiece!